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My name is Dennis Jackson. I am the owner/writer of Campsite Planning. If you really want to know about me, I was raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I absolutely love it here.  We have the best of everything; mountains to climb, rivers to fish, oceans to visit, and deserts to scour for rocks and fossils. I love the outdoors and the recreation it offers. The Pacific Northwest definitely has the areas to fulfill whatever outdoor activity you want to accomplish.

I have been married since 2011 to my beautiful wife Michelle. We have four children, Max, Yaya, Gray, and little Lou Lou, she is my sweet baby, and our little dog Curly, the Bichon Frise. We have been in Camas Washington now pushing 7 years and it was the best decision to live here. We literally live at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge.

By no means do I pretend to be an expert on any of the subjects I write about. With that being said I do my Due diligence and research the topics I go after very passionately. I then take what I have learned and write about it. If possible I try to use the same techniques or items out in the field when I am solo camping or with my family.

As long as I keep getting to camp and get outdoors, I will keep this blog going. It has opened many channels in my life and I love it more and more every day.

I encourage you to follow along for the great content, promos, and fun stuff we will be up to through the future.

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