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12 Essential Camping Items

Bridging the World, One Campground at a Time

Are you one to spend time outdoors with your family, alone or with a group of friends? Any way you do it it is an important time and being comfortable and safe is the most important aspect of a camping trip.

Picking your camping spot is usually the first thing that needs to happen (but not always). Choosing the perfect campsite can be time consuming and possibly frustrating if you waited until the later days of summer and looking for a certain campground.

No matter what the scenario is, its always better when Camping.


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1. Pack the best as you can

If you have all your camping gear packed away in totes already…..

2. Arrive early as possible

if you can make it out of the house as soon as you can, and get to your camping spot…..

3. Keep her busy

Have her help you with camp set up, as much as possible. I usually…..


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