Campsite PlanningCampsite Planning

We live in the Pacific NW right at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge and we have a huge recreational area to be explored. I hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back for more information. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on new post and info we will be putting out.  



Camp Tools and Accessories

Go in depth into what kinds of tools & Accessories are needed in certain instances while out camping. And try to narrow the best fit for you!

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Styles and Types of Camping

Distinguish several ways to get out and camp. From dispersed camping in the backwoods to family camping in a campground

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Reviews & How to get Things Done

Look into some items and give our best of interest opinions of certain items needed when out exploring different areas of the outdoors

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We have been live since August 10th and wanted to say thank you to all the support we have gotten from the people who have visited the site and signed up to receive the newsletter.  So from September 10th to October 1Shrade scaxe10 Hatchet0th, we will be having a promotion. All previous and new subscriber in that period of time will be entered into a drawing for a Shrade scaxe10 Campsite Hatchet! Dennis Jackson


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Campsite Planning

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